Manual Physical Therapy Difference

Manual Physical Therapy

Traditional Physical Therapy

✅ 100% Manual Therapy treatments – most effective treatment for chronic pain
✅ Treats any pain: acute, post surgical, and chronic
✅ US, ES, Bike, Treadmill, TNS, Traction. Strengthening exercises, Manual Therapy
✅ 1 hour treatment, one on one, seen privately in a room
✅ Sees 2-3 patients at a time, in a gym-like setting
✅ PT sees a maximum of 6 patients/day
✅ PT sees 15-20 patients/day
✅ Goal: achieve symmetry by correcting compensations that resulted from living in pain
✅ Goal: relieve pain thru strengthening even tight muscles, resulting in more dysfunction and increased pain
✅ Normal/Symmetrical functional movement = pain relief, the alarm system shutting off
✅ Focus is on the area of pain, missing out on correcting the root cause of problem – dysfunctional movement patterns
✅ Treatment approach based on going back to the basics: Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Kinesiology
✅ Treatment approach is focused on reducing local inflammation and increasing strength
✅ Holistic Approach = correcting Root Cause of problem
✅ Local Approach: treat where it hurts, not treating root cause
✅ Pain is our guide to correct the dysfunctional movement patterns
✅ The goal is the activity you love, we help you do those activities AGAIN without pain
✅ “No pain. no gain” resulting in exacerbation of chronic pain
✅ Regaining normal symmetry = normal function =
lasting results
✅ Normal PT modalities tend to provide minimal and temporary relief to chronic pain
✅ Becoming pain free is possible
✅ Chronic pain has poor rehab potential so PT only manages pain
✅ Cash based practice since Holistic approach is not covered by insurance
✅ Accepts Insurance so restricted to treating only area of