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We want to help people with chronic pain take charge again. We will help you see ways to take steps forward little by little and the feeling of being stuck can change to a feeling of hope. We want you to find purpose in things that make you happy again!

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Chronic Pain Specialist

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About Manual Physical Therapy & Concierge Services

We Help People Aged 50+ Become More Active Without The Use Of Pain Pills, Injections, Surgeries, Or Repeated Trips To The Doctor’s Office… Even If They Have Had Pain For Years.

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At Manual Physical Therapy & Concierge Services, we love to help people in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s get back to living the life they deserve. This means a life free from pain pills, injections, or even surgeries – a life where you can enjoy all of the things you love, without the fear of pain holding you back.

When you have been suffering from chronic pain in your knee, lower back, neck, shoulders, hip, or foot, we know it’s tempting to leave it alone and hope it will simply “go away on its own” with time and rest, that you will wake up someday, and like “magic”, the pain will be gone. But that’s usually not the case. More often, the pain ends up worse, even “spreading” to other joints.

We also know that, with chronic pain, it becomes routine to visit your doctor to get injections or pain pills. You might feel better, and the pain may go away, but neither of these are good for your health in the long term. They mask the pain, but do nothing to fix what’s actually causing it.

Maybe you are left feeling confused, even skeptical, because you have sought treatment from other healthcare professionals (acupuncture, chiropractic or physical therapy) in the past, but nothing they did or said seemed to help.

Who Is This NOT For?

People who expect a magic pill OR a quick fix to their pain.
❌ People who are only looking for generic exercises or YouTube videos and aren’t open to REAL, long-lasting solutions to put an end to their pain.
People who do not prioritize pain relief.
❌ People who believe pain relief is impossible.