Manual Therapy In Bradenton and Sarasota

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy is a safe, effective and natural treatment method that is used at Manual Physical Therapy. Although this is a form of physical therapy treatment, it is rarely offered in other PT clinics because it requires one-on-one treatment with your therapist.

We specialize in 2 types of Manual Therapy: Myofascial Release and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). Through these specific manual therapy techniques, our highly-trained and experienced manual therapist can recalibrate your whole body, correcting the dysfunctional compensation patterns that result from years of living in pain. This body recalibration allows your body to become capable once again of what you are currently struggling with – walking, standing, sitting, or sleeping. If you or a loved one is experiencing musculoskeletal pain, contact our offices today to learn more about the benefits of manual therapy.

Lasting Relief from Chronic Pain and Tight Muscles in Bradenton

If you’re one of the over 50 million US adults living with chronic musculoskeletal pain that medication can’t seem to solve, innovative manual therapy techniques like myofascial release and IASTM could provide the lasting relief you’ve been searching for.

Our expert physical therapists leverage gentle, hands-on techniques to treat pain and mobility restrictions associated with:

  • Low back pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Headaches
  • Sports injuries
  • Failed surgeries
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • TMJ

Through precise assessment and palpation, we identify and treat the underlying soft tissue dysfunction causing your stubborn symptoms. Dysfunctions we correct to recalibrate the body:

  • Myofascial Line Restrictions
  • Sacro-iliac Instability
  • Rib Cage Asymmetry
  • Pelvic Rotation and Tilt
  • Trunk Tilt, Pelvic Instability
  • Weight Bearing Asymmetries
  • Biomechanical Pain

This allows us to correct the root cause of your problem for lasting relief long after you complete your treatment plan with us. By recalibrating your body, you become capable of the things you want to do and we shut off your alarm system, and your pain.

We help patients finally quit taking pain medications and get lasting results, stop getting injections, and avoid risky surgeries.

So if you’re tired of chronic pain holding you back, call Manual Physical Therapy & Concierge Services today to see how Myofascial Release (Fascial Recalibration) or IASTM (Muscle Recalibration) could help!

How is Manual Therapy Effective in Solving your Chronic Pain, Despite Years of Suffering?

Our physical therapists are highly trained in diagnosing and treating dysfunctional movement patterns that have resulted from living in pain. These compensations leave you lopsided so that your body is no longer capable of walking, sitting, standing, or sleeping comfortably. Doctors tend to focus on skeletal or nerve problems. There are only 206 bones in the body but well over 600 muscles. So why is it that no one seems to focus on it? Or, if they do, they focus on strength rather than symmetry. If your body is lopsided from years of living in pain and you strengthen it, it will continue to be dysfunctional. The key is recalibrating your body FIRST before you strengthen it.

The same thing applies to failed spine, hip, or knee surgeries. Once the surgeon corrects the damaged joints, the new joint will expect the rest of the body to function better. For the surgery to succeed, the body’s lopsidedness from living in pain must be corrected.

This is how the Body Recalibration Method helps with chronic pain. This is the missing link for those who have tried everything and have yet to find anything that has worked.

See Our Manual Therapy Specialists in Bradenton

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Paula Souders

Manual Physical Therapy was recommended to me by a pain management doctor. I had already scheduled a consult with a surgeon for severe nerve pain. After my first visit I knew I was in good hands. I canceled my surgeon consult, stopped any meds, and continued my appointments with Manual Therapy. In a matter of weeks, I was out of pain. One year later, I can take care of myself so I am not a slave to appointment after appointment. This place has made me pain free, put me back to work, and gave me the confidence to (follow instructions) take care of myself with simple exercises every day so I stay pain free.

Margarette Loukas

I can’t say enough about this group. What a kind compassionate and caring team. I went in with pain that left me in tears and I left there with little to no pain. That was just a 30 min consultation. Myra was my therapist and never made me feel uncomfortable or rushed in any way. She answered all my questions and left me feeling incredibly comfortable. I can’t wait to continue my therapy to get me back up and moving .. Thank you ladies !!!!