Joel Pung

Joel Pung


(Client Care Specialist)

Co-founder of Manual Physical Therapy & Concierge Services.

Joel recognized that Joann had a passion for helping complex chronic pain patients and that she wanted to transform more lives by opening up her own clinic. Since day one, Joel has been working behind the scenes to turn Joann’s visions and goals into a reality. Joel officially joined the MPT team in January 2020. He is the Client Specialist & Lead Front Desk who has the innate ability to provide a consistent WOW experience for our patients. Joel’s voice is likely to be the one that will greet you when you call us & be the smiling face that greets you in person when you first walk in the door. He is full of laughs and truly enjoys making people’s day brighter! Since listening to your story is of utmost importance to us, Joel is perfect for the job. He is well versed in asking the right questions since he himself is an experienced PT. His sincerity and warmth have become very popular with our patients (as they tend to come 10-15 mins before and stay 15-20 mins after their treatment just to chat with him!) and he is now the ‘go-to’ person for all of the other members of the MPT Team whenever we need anything. Joel is a true entrepreneur at heart, always thinking of interesting business ventures. He is a homebody who enjoys time relaxing at home but has learned to enjoy traveling, thanks to Joann. He is a great listener and is a wonderful sounding board to his 2 grown-up daughters. He has transformed himself from someone who couldn’t boil water into a fantastic cook.


📌 Place: Grand Canyon 🍴   Restaurant: Lucky Pelican, Bonefish Grill 🍎 Food: Broiled Salmon, Warm Lobster Roll 🌃 City: Lucerne, Switzerland 🏝   Vacation: Boothbay Harbor, Maine 📺  TV Show: Criminal Minds 🎦  Movie: Shawshank Redemption 🎶  Singer/Group: Eagles 🤵   Celebrity: Matt Damon 📚   Book: anything Tom Clancy 🏁  Sport: Basketball and Football 🏅  Team: Tampa Bay Bucs 🧘  Hobbies: Watching YouTube, Cooking, Yoga, Can relaxing be called a hobby?