Maira Vargas

Maira Vargas


(Chronic Pain Specialist)

Meet Dr.Maira, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, whose departure from traditional PT stemmed from a desire for more meaningful patient interactions. Recognizing the potential for transformative care, she joined our team at MPT, embracing our specialized techniques with fervor. Maira’s dedication to Body Recalibration and genuine commitment to her patients has earned her widespread admiration. Known for her authenticity and unwavering dedication, she instills hope and optimism in all she serves, making a profound impact on their lives. We’re thrilled to have Maira as an essential member of our team, eagerly anticipating her continued growth and contributions towards our shared mission of improving lives through personalized care.

During her downtime, Maira treasures the simple joys of being with her family, relishing every precious moment with her nieces and nephew. She embraces quiet activities, such as reading outdoors and taking time for meditation and self-reflection. With an adventurous spirit, Maira enjoys researching dream vacation spots, fueled by the excitement of finally exploring destinations like Hawaii and Australia.


📌 Place: Great Wall of China

🍴   Restaurant: “Nothing beats my Mom’s cooking”

🍎 Food: Seafood

🌃 City: Sydney, Australia

🏝   Vacation: Hawaii

📺  TV Show: NCIS

🎦  Movie: The Avengers

🎶  Singer/Group: Selena Quintanilla

🤵   Celebrity: None – apparently not a star-gazer 🙂

📚   Book: Anything that is mystery, loves being a detective

🏁  Sport: Soccer

🏅  Team: Don’t really have one, will root for Mexico in World Cup

🧘  Hobbies: Spending time in nature, dance, volunteer