4 Key Signs To Tell When Sciatica Is Actually Just Muscle Pain

4 Key Signs To Tell When Sciatica Is Actually Just Muscle Pain

December 27, 2023

With New Year on the horizon, our homes and hearts are filling up with excitement and anticipation for the time we’ll spend with our loved ones.

It’s about the laughter, the warmth, and those priceless family moments.

But if you’re wrestling with back pain, you might be worried that this unwelcome guest will turn your festive spirit into a silent night of discomfort.

Let’s talk about that, because here’s something you might not know – sometimes, what’s labeled as sciatica could actually just be muscle pain.

That’s right, it’s easy to mistake one for the other, but the distinction is crucial for finding relief and getting back to those merry moments without hesitation.

In this blog, you will explore 4 key signs to tell when sciatica is actually just muscle pain.

Let’s get into it.

The Lowdown on Back Muscle Pain

When it comes to the back, muscles can be the real behind-the-scenes workers that support you through every twist, lift and bend. But when they’re overworked or strained, they can lead to pain that mimics the symptoms of sciatica.

This mix-up is more common than you’d think and figuring out the true cause is the key to the right treatment.

Unraveling the Pain Puzzle: Is It Sciatica or Muscle Pain?

When it comes to differentiating between sciatica and muscle pain, the devil is in the details. It’s like being a bit of a body detective, tuning in to the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) signals your body is sending you. So, let’s put on our detective hats and look at the clues.

Clue #1: Localized Tenderness

Imagine you’re pressing gently on areas of your lower back or buttocks.

If you find a spot where your body seems to shout back at you with sharp pain, but that pain stays put right where you press and doesn’t shoot anywhere else, you’re likely dealing with muscle pain.

It’s as if that muscle is saying, “Hey, I’m the troublemaker!”.

Now, if you had sciatica, that pain would likely travel, taking a road trip down your leg along the nerve’s pathway, without sticking to just one spot.

Clue #2: Pain That Plays Well with Movement

Here’s an interesting twist: if moving around seems to ease your pain, give yourself a little nod.

That’s a hallmark of muscle pain. It’s like your muscles are just waiting to shake off the stiffness with a good stretch or a walk.

Sciatica isn’t as forgiving.

Nerve pain tends to have a mind of its own, often flaring up with different movements or even when you’re still because nerves, unlike muscles, aren’t designed to ‘loosen up’ in the same way.

Clue #3: Asymmetrical Knee Heights When Sitting

Next time you sit down, cross your legs and take a look at your knees.

Are they at different heights?

If the knee of the crossed leg sits lower and you feel pain shooting down that side, it might be a whisper of sciatica.

But if that knee is stubbornly high and the pain feels more local, think muscles – possibly the IT band, which can be quite the character when it’s irritated.

Clue #4: Pain Without the ‘Electric’ Sensation

Sciatica can feel like someone’s flicked a switch, sending a zappy, electric shock down your leg.

It’s sharp, it’s sudden, and it’s quite distinctive.

Muscle pain? It’s more of a deep, continuous ache – the kind that makes you want to massage the area or curl up with a heat pack.

It doesn’t have that same sci-fi zing to it; it’s more grounded, more like the muscle is holding onto stress.

Don’t Let Pain Dictate Your 2024

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