6 Reasons Why Your Previous Physical Therapy Didn’t Work

6 Reasons Why Your Previous Physical Therapy Didn’t Work

August 10, 2020

Do you ever feel as though nothing will ever help you get rid of your pain?

Have you suffered for so long that you’ve just started to accept your pain as a burden you’re destined to carry?

Many people feel the way you do, and these feelings are often compounded by the fact that their previous effort hasn’t worked. Painkillers just cover up the issue, massages don’t work, hot packs only bring relief for a few precious minutes, and that brace… well… you’d rather get rid of it.

But perhaps the worst thing of all is the fact that previous physical therapy didn’t work for you – you thought it would help you out of your pain, but it just left you feeling desperate.

This can be really, really tough. And, honestly, giving up on your healing journey may seem as though it’s the right thing to do.

Here’s the thing, though, there is hope; there is a way to get rid of your pain – you just haven’t found it yet.

What is it, you ask? Well, it’s physical therapy! Now, now, you just said physical therapy didn’t work, right?

Alright… but what if you only watched “You’ve Got Mail” and wrote off Tom Hanks before ever seeing “Sleepless in Seattle” or “Forest Gump”?

What if you read “Twilight” and vowed never to read another book about vampires again? Would you miss out on “Dracula” because of it?

What about coffee? Is one bad chicory brew going to turn you off of cappuccinos forever?

Of course not!

So, why give up on physical therapy without ever broadening your horizons? You just haven’t had the right treatment yet!

We’re not asking you to believe us straight off of the bat… but we have proof! Take a look at the following 6 facts that may explain why your previous physical therapy session/sessions didn’t work.

6 Reasons Your Previous Physical Therapy Didn’t Work

1. The Root Cause was Never Found

A good physical therapist will always chat with you about the root cause of your problem. What is that, you may ask?

Well, one of the reasons physical therapy is so effective is because it finds and treats the root cause of the problem, that is, the reason/beginning of your pain.

If the root cause isn’t found and isn’t treated in the right way, you will never be rid of your pain and will never hope to regain mobility, strength, and independence in any meaningful way.

Not having found or treated the root cause of your issue may indeed be why your previous physical therapy didn’t work.

2. There was No Clear Plan for Recovery

Imagine buying a car, but you don’t know how to drive or even where you’re going!

Well, physical therapy without a clear course of action or recovery plan is a bit like dressing up for the ball, but sitting on the sofa instead.

It’s very important that your physical therapist has a clear plan, that he/she sticks to it, and that you have regular check-ins in order to note your progress.

Our clinic wouldn’t have the reputation for quality treatment without this system, and you should never settle for anything less!

3. Exercising in Vain

It may be that one of the first things you were told at your previous physical therapy session/sessions is that you need to do more exercises, right?

And that’s all good and well, but did they tell you what to do or how to do it? And even if they did, did they make sure you were comfortable and clearly understood the moves and postures involved?

If not, chances are you were doing the exercises in vain.

You see, physical therapy training plans involve targeting those areas specifically giving you problems – generic plans just don’t cut it.

Make sure you know what to do, how to do it, and when to stop – this is critical to a successful physical therapy treatment.

4. A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action, Please

Let’s be honest: physical therapy isn’t about the therapist… it’s about you!

Any physical therapist pushing his/her own agenda on your injury will never be able to treat you.

And, not only that, he/she could actually end up making things a lot worse!

If there is a lot of prodding, poking, and general pressing in the area of pain, he/she could aggravate the issue further, causing you unnecessary pain.

Forget the hidden agendas and engrained formula – you need physical therapy for YOU and this is an important factor that could have contributed to why your physical therapy didn’t work!

5. Stretching only Brought you Temporary Relief

Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know? Cliché aside, aside from knowing which stretches to do, as well as how to do them correctly, a good physical therapist will always tell you that true healing takes time – there MUST be a long-term plan in place for you when it comes to stretching.

Honesty is the best policy, and being truly pain-free means understanding that you need to be in this for the long run… it will come and it will last. We promise.

6. You didn’t Choose the Right Physical Therapist

Choosing a physical therapist is critical when it comes to your healing process.

Choosing Mister “A” because he’s quick and efficient isn’t always the best idea. Similarly, going for Miss “B” because she says nice things and gets through the session quickly is also a mistake.

It’s important to remember that physical therapy needs time.

Initially, the physical therapist needs time to find the root cause of the problem, but thereafter he/she needs time to treat it properly.

So, just because you’re promised pain relief in 15 minutes, doesn’t mean the former is true… only the latter is. Give yourself and your physical therapist enough time to make the difference you dream of.

Now You Know Why Your Previous Physical Therapy Didn’t Work… How Can You Move Forward?

So, there you have 6 reasons why your previous attempt at physical therapy didn’t work.

It’s not always easy to know how to choose a qualified, professional, hands-on physical therapist – we understand that.

But you need to feel comfortable, get the care you need, and have a plan tailored to you. You need to be given the attention required to treat the root cause of the problem – permanently.

If you are still unsure as to why physical therapy didn’t work for you previously, then we invite you to give one of our chronic pain specialist PTs a call, right now.

Not only will they answer all your questions, but they’d also be happy to discuss how you can move forward and make changes in order to make a difference and tackle your pain – for good.

Ready To Try Physical Therapy That DOES Work?

If your last round of physical therapy didn’t work and you feel as though you’ve run out of options, why not consider contacting us?

We invite you to give one of our chronic pain specialist physical therapists a call right now by arranging a free telephone consultation.

Not only will they answer all your questions but they will also be happy to discuss how you can move forward and make changes in order to make a difference and tackle your pain – for good this time!

You can arrange a free telephone consultation by filling in our simple web form or calling us today at (941) 226-2605 we’ll look forward to chatting with you to get you on the path to a permanent solution to a pain-free life.

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