How To Cure TMJ Permanently

How To Cure TMJ Permanently

December 15, 2022

If you are suffering with TMJ disorder which mean you regularly suffer with ear ache, headaches, and a stiff and painful jaw, this blog is for you.

You can get answer to your unanswered TMJ questions, and discover how to cure TMJ permanently and naturally so you can get back to a pain-free live doing the things you love.

What Is TMJ Disorder?

You might have heard the term TMJ, but don’t really know what it means.

TMJ is the abbreviation for the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that connects your lower jaw to your skull.

And people can suffer with problems with the TMJ.

These problems are commonly referred to as TMJ disorders, and something our team regularly treat at our Bradenton, FL clinic.

What Causes TMJ Disorders?

TMJ disorders can be caused by a variety of reasons such as age-related wear and tear, trauma to the jaw, and even poor oral hygiene.

Certain people are more prone to TMJ disorders too – woman in particular due to their levels of estrogen, as well as those with poor posture, and people dealing with a lot of stress.

What Are The Symptoms Of TMJ Disorder?

We all use our jaw throughout each day, whether that’s to eat, drink or speak. So, if you are suffering with jaw pain, or other issues around the jaw, it can be a really big problem that wrecks your routine and stops you doing the things you love to do.

If you have any of these TMJ symptoms, we recommend arranging a Free TMJ Analysis to get a clear diagnosis so you know what the problem is, and discover how to cure TMJ permanently.

TMJ symptoms might show up as:

  • Pain in your jaw, neck or face
  • Stiffness or a limited range of motion (where you struggle to fully open your mouth)
  • Clicking or popping sounds from your TMJ
  • Locking of the jaw
  • Dental problems (teeth wearing down due to grinding)
  • Tinnitus (a ringing in your ear) and ear pain

As you can see, your TMJ doesn’t just impact your jaw, but it also impacts your teeth, ears, neck and face which is often why so many people don’t get the right treatment for it – they are looking in the wrong place!

Can TMJ Cause Headaches?

Another issue caused by TMJ disorders is headaches and migraines.

In the early stages of the condition, and before getting a professional diagnosis, it can be difficult to realise that the root issue is TMJ and their jaw.

This often leads to TMJ headache sufferers treating the symptom; the headache, not the cause; their jaw and TMJ.

How Can I Tell If I Am Having TMJ Headaches?

If you aren’t sure, our team invite you to think about the symptoms of your frequent headaches. This can help you identify if there is an underlying TMJ issue.

With TMJ headaches, you may not have other typical headache symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to light or sensitivity to sound.

If you don’t have any of these symptoms, the headache could be caused by TMJ.

If your headache is caused by TMJ, you may also notice other symptoms such as pain when chewing, clicking and popping when move your jaw, or stiffness in your jaw.

If you have a headache alongside these symptoms, your TMJ is probably the cause (or at least a contributing factor).

If you want to speak to a professional who can help you understand the root cause of your headaches fully, and how to stop them, arrange a free headache analysis by completing our easy webform or call our friendly team on (941) 226-2605

Is TMJ Curable?

In nearly all cases, TMJ is curable.

For minor cases, your TMJ disorder may heal itself with rest and some simple at-home strategies such as use ice and heat therapy, stress reduction and changes to your lifestyle.

For frequent, worsening, or long term (more than a few weeks) TMJ problems, we recommend speaking to medical professionals.

If left untreated, TMJ disorders can significantly worsen, becoming more painful and have debilitating impact on your life.

Severe cases of TMJ disorders can leave you unable to speak, eat or drink properly, and struggling to function at work and socially which can lead to a host of other issues such as loneliness and depression.

How To Cure TMJ Permanently With A TMJ Specialist In Bradenton, FL

To cure TMJ permanently, getting the right treatment plan is vital.

This should address the root cause of your TMJ disorder, while quickly resolving the symptoms that you are experiencing such as headache, jaw pain or ear ache.

Physical Therapy can play a huge role in TMJ recovery by providing bespoke exercise and stretching plans to loosen up your jaw alongside natural pain relief treatment.

In addition, our physical therapist team are able to deliver hands on massage therapy to speed up recovery.

This is combined with practical lifestyle guidance means you are no longer in pain, and don’t have to worry about it coming back in future!

If you want to cure TMJ permanently, physical therapy gives you the best chance to do this.

At Manual Physical Therapy & Concierge Services, we are currently offering a limited number of people a Free TMJ Analysis to discover the most effective treatment options available to them, and allow them to make the right decision for their health.

At our Bradenton, FL clinic, you can learn about our tailored therapy approach which can end the headaches, ear pain, and dizziness caused by TMJ and get back to a pain-free, active life.

To get started, call our friendly team on (972) 546-0411 to arrange your Free TMJ Analysis.

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