How To Get Rid Of Headaches Without Painkillers

How To Get Rid Of Headaches Without Painkillers

December 13, 2022

Headaches can strike at any time – without invite or warning – and if you’re anything like the majority of people out there, they can often affect your mood, energy levels, and general wellbeing.

For some though, the challenge is how to get rid of headaches without painkillers, rest, and other treatments – they just don’t seem to go away, or keep coming back!

The truth is, the cause of these ‘everlasting’ headaches can sometimes be traced back to an increased intake of caffeine, general dehydration, and oftentimes posture.

And yet, it can be easier said than done when it comes to treating headaches on your own, even if you do know the likely cause.

In this post, then, we lend a helping hand with a few tips on the four most common causes of headaches, and how to treat headaches that just won’t go away so you can get a pain free life back, right now.

Headaches have a unique way of blindsiding us as we do our shopping, take a walk around the park, or grab some water from the cooler at work.

The fact is, we just never know when we might experience the throbbing, aching sensations associated with them.

Thankfully, though, there are ways of mitigating both their frequency and strength, and, as we’re about to show you, headaches don’t need to be feared.

What Causes Headaches?

“Why do I have a headache?”

You’ve probably been asking yourself this recently, and it can be really frustrating because it’s difficult to spot the true cause of your headache yourself.

With other problems, there’s usually an incident – maybe you trip and hurt your ankle, or you carry something a little too heavy from the car and hurt your lower back.

With headaches, it’s not that easy. But there are some really common causes that we see in our Bradenton, FL clinic, and here are the top 4 (and how to treat them).

Posture Related Headaches

The first port of call when it comes to treating existing headaches and staving off potential future ones is to work on your posture.


Well, your posture has a lot to do with how much stress is placed on your muscles, and that includes those muscles in your back and neck.

When those particular muscles are strained or overcompensate on one side of your body – as when you carry your handbag or backpack over one shoulder – they may become tight and cause a domino effect leading to ongoing headaches.

Physical therapy can help you identify how your posture is failing you and teach you exactly how to improve your posture which will provide natural relief from headaches.

Improve Your Posture For Headache Relief

The best treatment for headaches may well be to start with stretches and exercises that support the back and neck muscles and improve your posture.

Strengthening those muscles, as well as your core muscles, via walking, cycling, swimming, or jogging, will set you on the right track.

Keep your body supple and flexible and you’ll be amazed at how infrequent your headaches become.

If your posture is causing your headaches, making corrective exercise part of your daily routine should allow you to get long term headache relief.

Dehydration Related Headaches

Next in line is addressing your fluid intake. Not only is drinking enough water critical for the optimum function of your muscles, tissues, and organs, but a lack of aqua actually leaves you vulnerable to disease, viruses, and yes… headaches.

Why is that?

Well, nutrients and vitamins are often water soluble, meaning a lack of water results in an inadequate uptake of essential nutrients.

Headaches can be the result of low electrolyte levels, high blood pressure, and even just increased sugar levels in the blood; drinking enough water and minerals facilitates the healthy maintenance of your blood circulatory system and thereby halts headaches in their tracks.

Remember, pain is always an indication that there is an underlying issue – drink enough water to ‘rinse’ toxins from your body.

Stay Hydrated To Reduce Headaches

Try drinking close to 2.5L a day, though aim for more if you’re exercising or have a very active day.

We appreciate that some people really don’t like the taste of water, so consider juices, squash or adding fruit for some extra flavour.

If your headaches are being caused by dehydration, this should be a relatively quick and easy fix.

Stress Related Headaches

The third common cause of headaches is stress!

You hear this daily, I’m sure, but stress contributes directly to your headaches.

The more you stress, the more strain is placed on your muscles, overall body function, and brain health.

Headaches function as the body’s alarm system when it comes to stress.

So, if you’re not sleeping, not eating well, not moving enough, and not taking time out of your crazy schedule to relax, then it’s time to make a change.

Treat Stress Related Headaches

Relax your body, relax your mind, and say goodbye to headaches!

Addressing a hectic calendar to free up some time for relaxation, and not taking on more than you can handle is a great start.

You can also try and take up meditation, pilates or yoga, walking or any other hobby that you enjoy, but also helps you wind down after a busy day at the office.

Get Rid Of Headaches With Physical Therapy

Having given you this advice, we understand that dealing with headaches can be daunting – especially if you’ve lived with their debilitating effects for a long period of time.

Headaches, migraines, and everything in between can have a negative effect on your overall quality of life, and we want to help.

You’d never have imagined that physical therapy could target headaches, did you?

Well, it can, and not only that, it’s one of the most effective treatments for them.


Well, your headaches may in fact be the cause of something entirely unexpected – from muscle pain, to stress, to improper posture – and physical therapy helps you find and treat the root cause of the problem.

Unlike painkillers or massages, physical therapy doesn’t just treat the pain… it treats the cause.

And once the cause is treated, the headaches will dissipate.

The fact is, physical therapy also equips you with the tools needed to reprogram your daily activities.

From how much water to drink, what stretches to do, how to sit, stand, drive, and walk, and even how to hold your phone or the book you’re reading, physical therapy can teach you all of that.

For a qualified, professional, hands-on physical therapist, treating headaches isn’t just about getting rid of the pain, it’s about setting you up for a lifelong journey of health and longevity in order to prevent that pain from returning in the first place.

If you’re not sure about where to start when it comes to treating your headaches, or if you’re worried, anxious, or have been defeated by daily, debilitating pain, then we invite you to chat to one of our friendly physical therapists, right now.

It’s time that you get the answers you need in order to make the changes necessary for a life free of pain.

Don’t allow headaches to underscore important activities in your life – take charge and start living free of pain that won’t seem to go away.

At our Bradenton, FL clinic, we offer a free, non-obligatory headache analysis to find out how we can set you free from regular headaches and migraines that wreck your day.

Arrange Your Free Headache Analysis by completing our easy webform or call our friendly team on (941) 226-2605

Or if you prefer, you can arrange your free telephone consultation to speak to a physical therapist from the comfort of your own home.

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