How To Sleep With Lower Back Pain

How To Sleep With Lower Back Pain

December 8, 2022

Sleeping with lower back pain can be a real challenge.

It can take hours to find a comfortable position to sleep in, and when you do eventually drift off, your restful sleep is often interrupted, and you wake up with lower back pain.

We have worked with lots of back pain sufferers and one of the biggest complaints is poor sleep.

And we understand why!

After a terrible night’s sleep, you feel exhausted, and worst of all, lost and hopeless because you have no idea how to fix it.

Plus, you know that you’ll have to do it all over again when the sun goes down.

It’s a frustrating cycle which leaves many people struggling with lower back pain desperate for a solution.

Fortunately, this blog shares proven strategies to relieve lower back pain, as well as the best position for sleeping with lower back pain.

Best Way To Sleep With Lower Back Pain

There are three strategies that we recommend to relieve lower back pain before you get into bed.

Trying to reduce your back pain before you get into bed is one of the best ways to sleep with lower back pain. And it’s something that’s worked very well with past patients – many of whom have struggled for years with chronic pain.

Unwind And Relax To Ease Lower Back Muscle Tightness

Our mind can have a big impact on your bodies, and take time before bed to relax and unwind can help ease tightness in your lower back

Aim to build a routine around 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep using a variety of natural solutions.

This could include drinking a warm drink, meditating, or reading. Your perfect night time routine will vary from other people, so it’s about figuring out what helps you switch off and go to bed with as little stress as possible.

Use Heat To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Another drug-free way to relieve lower back pain when sleeping is by using heat.

Whether that’s a hot shower or bath or using heat packs for up to 20 minutes on the affected area, applying heat can reduce pain and help you get to sleep faster.

Simple Stretches For Your Lower Back Muscles

The final tip is to do some gentle exercise and stretching for your lower back.

This can work wonders and helps to loosen up any tight muscles that have developed through the course of your day. This is especially helpful if you are in the same position for long periods of time (sitting at a desk or standing) as the repetitiveness can lead to excessive tension, which leads to discomfort.

The best exercises would be dependent on you, and your lower back pain, but a little 5 minute stretching routine can work wonders.

The Best Position To Sleep With Lower Back Pain

If you’ve followed the steps above, we would expect that you have reduced, if not completely stopped your lower back pain, and can now comfortably get into bed.

However, if you want to avoid waking up with lower back pain in the early hours of the morning, making sure that you are in the best position for sleep in crucial.

The best sleeping position is on your back.

This position allows you to sleep with your weight spread across your body, as opposed to on a few select parts, which reduces pressure.

To make this position more suitable for lower back pain sufferers, place a small pillow below your knees. This helps your body stay in its natural alignment, and your spine can maintain a neutral curve.

If you are still waking up with lower back pain, consider placing a small pillow, or rolled up towel under your lower back. This will give a little more support and should give you the best chance of a full night’s sleep.

Sick Of Waking Up With Lower Back Pain?

Waking up with lower back pain is a terrible way to start the day – it can leave you feeling totally deflated because you know that it’s going to be a day filled with back stiffness, aching and that you’ll probably have to resort to painkillers (again!).

What if you could wake up after a great night’s sleep, with your lower back feeling pain-free, comfortable when moving and more energy for the day ahead?

This is possible for you – you just need the right support.

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