5 Simple Tips To Prevent Chronic Back Pain When Driving

5 Simple Tips To Prevent Chronic Back Pain When Driving

May 22, 2023

There’s always something unique about driving isn’t there? Long winding roads and gorgeous landscapes accompanied by the soundtrack on your stereo, and the chronic back pain.

Back pain? Yes, even something as pleasant and relaxing as driving through scenic routes can be ruined by back pain during the journey or after you’ve stopped.

Of course, travel season is upon us and more and more of us are going on vacation with our families perhaps on a long-haul road trip.

So it’s a good thing you’re reading this now before you go so we can give you 5 simple tips to prevent chronic back pain when driving!

#1 Take Time To Adjust Your Seating Position

Do you remember how meticulous you were when checking your driving position as a learner?

Mirrors, seatbelts, neck rest, and you checked them all carefully more than once, so why stop now and become susceptible to back pain behind the wheel?

To prevent chronic back pain when driving You should always make sure that your seat is adjusted properly: don’t lean too far forward or back, and make sure your feet are able to reach the pedals comfortably.

If you drive an automatic vehicle, ensure that you aren’t crammed up against the dashboard, but are well within reach of the break.

Make sure you are able to stretch your arms out ahead of you without straining and give yourself enough room to stretch your neck.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than having to drive scrunched up!

#2 What About The Steering Wheel?

Not only should you think about your seat when trying to prevent chronic back pain when driving, but you should also consider the position of the steering wheel.

The steering wheel takes the first prize when you prevent chronic back pain when driving!

Always take the time to adjust it in such a way that your back remains supported and you do not strain forward.

Some cars may do this automatically, but if not, make sure you understand how to adjust the height and length of the steering wheel.

#3 Ensure Your Posture Is Correct

Picture it, you’re cruising down the road and you’re feeling relaxed in your now comfortable driving position, but you’re slipping into a ‘sofa’ pose.

Staying aware of your posture at all times is a key way you can prevent chronic back pain when driving.

If you feel yourself slumping or leaning too far back into your seat, re-adjust your posture.

Your back will definitely thank you for it when you reach your destination!

#4 Take Breaks!

If you needed an excuse to stop over for a coffee and a snack, then I’m happy to give you one!

Taking regular breaks during longer journeys is essential when it comes to avoiding back pain.

You should try to stop every 2 hours maximum somewhere you can get out of the car and stretch.

Once you park, make sure to get out of the car, stretch, rehydrate, and re-center your focus.

Ensure that you’re aware of your posture and, if you’re in pain, make the necessary adjustments to your seat and mirrors, this way you can prevent chronic back pain when driving and stop it from bothering you when you reach your destination!

#5 Cruise Control

If your car is equipped with this, my question to you is, why aren’t you using it already!?!

Cruise control enables you to take a break from one single seating position in order to shift into another.

Be sure, though, that whichever position you choose is supportive of your back and ensures that your posture remains correct.

Here’s the thing… as much as we crave the sunshine and that relaxing break away from home. Back pain related to driving is very much something you don’t want to interrupt your vacation!

Try Our Travel Readiness Assessment!

If you’ve been experiencing chronic back pain and your vacation is just around the corner, why not come in for our travel readiness assessment where we can help you get to the root cause of your back pain?

In your session, you will be able to have a 1 to 1 consultation with one of our chronic pain specialists where you can ask questions, get much-needed answers and begin to feel confident about going on vacation without chronic pain getting in the way!

You can arrange your travel readiness assessment by filling in our simple web form or if you prefer to talk over the phone you can speak to a member of the team by calling our clinic at (941) 226-2605.

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