Why Is All Of My Pain On One Side Of My Body?

Why Is All Of My Pain On One Side Of My Body?

June 30, 2023

If you’ve been living with chronic pain for months or even years, it can be overwhelming when your body starts to hurt in more than one place and it all seems to accumulate on one side of your body.

We firmly believe that understanding why you get pain on one side of your body is the key to finally finding the relief you’ve been searching for all this time.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through why you get pain on one side of your body and how you can address these problems to reclaim your life!

So Why Is All Of My Pain On One Side?

Chronic pain is classified as pain anywhere in your body that lasts more than 3 months. It can be caused by a number of factors but the most likely reasons are an injury that hasn’t been treated, a chronic pain condition such as fibromyalgia or persistent pain from sciatica.

So, why is your pain on one side of your body? Well, we hear this a lot from patients in our clinic and they’re often surprised by our answer!

When your body is injured or you’re experiencing pain in a specific part of your body such as your left knee, you’ll shrug it off and think it will go away… but over time and the longer you ignore it, the more your body will begin to make compensations.

It’s important to note that compensations are something that can happen subconsciously which is often the reason many people don’t know why different joints or muscles begin to ache.

Typical compensation people experience for knee pain is to put more weight on their good knee when they walk. Over time, the body will start compensating in other areas too to try and keep you balanced.

During this time, you may be using muscles that aren’t meant to take the weight of your body when you stand or walk, leading to muscular dysfunctions across the side of your body you’re using to compensate.

This is why the pain seems to spread across a whole section of your body. But often people think their pain problems are separate issues.

They’re all linked together!

How We Treat Chronic Pain On One Side At Manual Physical Therapy

At Manual Physical Therapy, we’ll ALWAYS treat the root cause of your pain and from many years of experience as chronic pain specialists, the root cause of your pain is always somewhere you don’t expect!

Most physical therapy clinics will see you and treat only the trigger for the pain you’re experiencing at the time. The relief might last a few weeks but you’ll be back for another problem, or you’ll give up altogether!

This is the main reason that people like you with chronic pain think holistic treatment doesn’t work and they have to live in pain.

We don’t believe that and we want you to get back to feeling your best!

Our holistic methods treat the SOURCE of the other pain going on in your body to correct imbalances and compensations from your body adapting to your pain.

Are You Struggling With Chronic Pain And Want A Permanent Solution?

We speak to patients all the time who are trying to manage their chronic pain by themselves, at home in their busy lifestyle and often it can become an overwhelming and stressful experience.

We’re here to tell you that it’s okay to ask for help and guidance! We want you to be able to have the best summer in the sunshine without experiencing chronic pain flare-ups and we can help you achieve that with our summer-ready chronic pain assessment.

During your summer-ready chronic pain assessment, you will be able to talk 1 to 1 with a chronic pain specialist and ask any questions you may have, and receive reassuring answers so you can be confident about your next steps.

Our chronic pain specialists will also talk you through the best holistic treatment options to suit you and your recovery so you can enjoy fun in the Florida sun and combat the heat to manage chronic pain on summer days.

You can arrange your summer-ready chronic pain assessment by filling in our simple web form or giving our Bradenton clinic a call at (941) 226-2605.

Other Free Resources For Managing Chronic Pain

Alternatively, if you feel you aren’t ready to come into our clinic just yet, here’s some more free information to help you manage your chronic pain at home!

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