How To Avoid Lower Back Pain After A Round Of Golf

How To Avoid Lower Back Pain After A Round Of Golf

April 3, 2023

We’re feeling the spring weather here in Florida and of course, it’s the ideal time to get out onto the golf course to relax, unwind and enjoy the sport!

Golfers everywhere know that there’s nothing more thrilling than hitting the green with friends, feeling delicious sunshine on your skin, and taking in all that nature has to offer—but also dreading the lower back pain which often follows.

Lower back pain after golf is sadly a very common issue among players and many of our patients come to us explaining they have a dull ache in their lower back after a day at the course.

That’s why we’ve collated some handy tips to try and help you avoid lower back pain after golf so you can get back home and enjoy time at home without lower back pain nagging you!

Warm-Up Before You Tee Off

Although you wouldn’t think golf is a hugely energetic sport, it’s still important to warm up before you begin.

The golf swing requires a significant amount of rotation and force from your lower back to be effective which is why you need to prepare your muscles for the work they’re about to do.

To begin your warm-up you should start with some simple stretches that focus on your lower back and hips while incorporating some more dynamic movements into your routine later. Some examples of dynamic moves are lunges and arm circles.

By taking this time to warm up before you tee off you can avoid lower back pain when you come off the course (and even get rid of those first-tee jitters!)

Use Proper Posture And Technique

It’s all too often I see golfers hunched over or twisting their torsos in unnatural ways that lead to pain and discomfort long after they’ve left the golf course for the day.

Using the proper posture and technique to avoid lower back pain is absolutely essential!

Maintaining proper spinal alignment and engaging core muscles when you swing can alleviate the stress put onto a golfer’s lower back and could even improve their overall swing.

Even the slightest deviation from the proper form can cause painful consequences that then manifest as compensations in your body as time goes on leading to a sore lower back and potentially time away from the golf course which I’m sure you don’t want to happen.

Invest In The Right Equipment

It’s surprising how many golfers use equipment that doesn’t benefit the way they play or help them avoid lower back pain after their game.

If you’re a golfer who experiences lower back pain, it could be time to invest in some proper equipment such as clubs that are the correct size for your height which automatically stop you from hunching over and can help you avoid back pain.

It could also be worth investing in a club fitting session to ensure that you’re using clubs that match your skill set and physical ability.

However, clubs might not be your only pitfall when it comes to equipment, make sure you consider gloves with extra grip, supportive shoes, and even ergonomic bags.

Take this tip as your excuse to go out and buy that club set you’ve been after, you can treat yourself and your lower back!

Cool Down After Playing

As with warming up, cooling down is a great way to try and avoid lower back pain after you’ve finished on the golf course and are trying to relax with your family at home.

Start with a few gentle stretches that target your lower back such as spinal and hamstring stretches to loosen muscles that may have tightened up during the day.

Finish up with a few minutes of walking to gradually decrease your heart rate and allow your body to relax.

Trust me, your lower back will thank you for taking these simple steps to care for it.

Why Not Try A Golf Readiness Assessment?

If you’ve been experiencing lower back pain after golf for a long time and you feel as though it’s only getting worse, it’s time to do something about it and give your body the care it needs to get you back out onto the golf course and performing at your very best!

Here at Manual Physical Therapy, we’re currently offering you the opportunity to come in for a golf readiness assessment.

During your 1-1 assessment you will be able to talk to one of our chronic pain specialist PTs about your lower back pain, ask any questions you have and find out what the best treatment options are for you to move forward.

Then you can finally get to the bottom of the cause of your lower back pain after golf and be able to enjoy your games carefree without the dread of back pain when you get home!

You can arrange your travel-ready assessment by filling in our simple web form, or if you prefer to talk over the telephone you can call us at (941) 226-2605 and we will be happy to arrange your visit!

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